Jovan Starcevic

Personal Trainer


* Jovan Starcevic was born on 30. March 1992. Since he was ten, he has been playing sports, and his first encounter with the gym and fitness was in 2015.

* Beginning: The very beginnings of my career in this field of lifting activities began with the independent organization of exercises, mostly outside and in sports parks in Belgrade. Regular recreation and good organization with a healthy life encouraged me to start spreading my knowledge and experience in several gyms in Serbia (Belgrade).

* Plan: Healthier lifestyle, body shaping, weight gain, better physical appearance, which means self-confidence.

* By practising with you and the exercise plan and program, I will try to influence the change in your lifestyle. The introduction of a quality and healthy diet is essential for achieving the desired results and maintenance. We all need to know that diets will not help if we are not working full at our body.

* Every day, he enriches his knowledge of theory and practice strives for continuous improvement in fitness and physical preparation.

*  My goal, as a personal trainer, my goal is to adapt the training process to your needs as much as possible to achieve the desired results as soon as possible. For example, suppose your goal is weight loss. In that case, the emphasis of training will be on cardio exercises, if you want to tighten before the summer season, training will be organized in series with more repetitions, and those who want to achieve more simultaneous effects at the same time can expect a combination of several different approaches to training. I approach each individual to get the desired training results as soon as possible, and I help him give his maximum at each workout. Training is based on an individual plan, which forces you to work hard and motivates you to strive for better. My experience so far and knowledge of training principles will ensure that each training is exciting and different, thus avoiding the appearance of monotony and boredom. With my professional supervision and guidance of training, you will realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and that you are the only one who can stop you on the path to achieving the desired results and success in training.

* We end each workout by stretching the whole body, which is ideal for calming and relaxing the body after a hard workout. Training usually lasts about an hour. Our goal is to work hard to bring your metabolism to the point where your body consumes all the energy you take in with a meal.   “ I am happy to be a part of your happiness and feel how you are healthy and good looking!